Lakewood Municipal Court - Fee Schedules

(effective Sept. 15, 2022)

Certain traffic violations are waiverable. Click here to see the waiver schedule.

Description Total Costs
Moving Violation $125.00
Non Moving Violation $125.00
Criminal $125.00
Amendment of Charge $15.00
Bench Warrant $50.00
Certified Journal Entry of Record $20.00
Certified Mail $10.00
Change of Plea $10.00
Continuance (each) $20.00
Copy of digital audio court room proceedings $20.00
Diversion $150.00
Intervention in Lieu of Conviction $150.00
Juror Fee (per juror/per day) $25.00
Modification of Declaration of Forfeiture $25.00
Modification of Driving Privileges $25.00
Motion for Driving Privileges $50.00
Motion for Sealing of Record of Conviction $50.00
Motion to Seal Record after Dismissal/Acquital No Charge
Non-sufficient Funds Checks $35.00
Notice of Appeal $25.00
- Plus $175.00 check payable to Court of Appeals
Officer witness fee (each/per day) $6.00
Photocopy (not certified) $0.10
Probation Supervision Fee $75.00
Release of Vehicle $50.00
Subpoena $5.00
Witness Fee (each 1/2 day) $6.00
(out of county mileage entitlement @ $.58 per mile)

Court costs include:
1) $20.00 to the State of Ohio Indigent Defense Fund,
2) $9.00 to the State of Ohio Victims of Crime Fund,
3) $11.00 to the Lakewood Court special projects fund if moving violation and $16.00 for a non-moving violation,
4) $10.00 to the Lakewood Court computer maintenance fund,
5) $5.00 to the Cuyahoga County Regional Enterprise Data Sharing System (for all traffic offenses), and
6) $1.00 to Cuyahoga County Crime Stoppers Fund (for each criminal offense).

Alcohol Treatment and Drug Law Enforcement Fund. R.C. 2949.094

$10 per case is deducted from General court costs for:
1) Any moving violation conviction, or
2) Bail if the defendant pleads guilty, is convicted, or forfeits bail.

Distribution of these costs by statute are:
A) $3.50 to Drug Law Enforcement Fund.
B) $1.50 to Indigent Driver's Alcohol Treatment Fund.
C) $5.00 to Indigent Defense Support Fund.

The assessed court costs are authorized and/or required by Ohio State statutes. Additional costs may be assessed by statute, rule of court, or court order. Court costs are assessed per each case filed with the court and not on each charge contained in a single case.