Local Rules of Court



(A) All pleadings and motions shall be legibly typewritten or printed on paper sized 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. The caption of the complaint shall state the name and address, if known, of each party. Subsequent pleadings and motions shall state the case number, the name of the first party plaintiff and the first party defendant on each side. For all subsequent pleadings in which new parties are joined, the name and the address, if known, of each new party shall be stated in the caption of the pleading. Every pleading, motion, brief or other paper filed in a case shall be identified by title, and shall bear the name of the individual attorney, the firm, if any, office address and telephone number of the attorney filing the same, or if there be no attorney, then the party filing the same.

(B) Failure to comply with the formal requirements as set out above may be grounds for striking the non-complying document from the court's files. For good cause shown, the clerk of court is authorized to waive this requirement for cases involving small claims, forcible entry and detainer or other types of cases or proceedings in the interest of justice when the party is not represented by counsel. The clerk may also receive requests by letter in traffic and criminal cases regarding continuance, reinstatement of driving privileges, and other similar proceedings.

(C) Notwithstanding the exceptions to formalities of documents filed with the clerk of court, all documents must be served on the prosecutor or opposing party in accordance with Civil Rule 5 or Criminal Rule 49, as applicable. Failure to show proof of service on the document filed shall be grounds for striking the document from the court's record.