Local Rules of Court



(A) Upon the entry appearance of counsel, all documents filed with the court and all court orders and motions shall be served upon the designated counsel or the party's representative. Once an appearance is made, an attorney may only withdraw from a case by leave of court.

(B) No person who is not admitted to the practice of law before the Ohio Supreme Court may appear on behalf of another individual or entity in court, except as provided by R.C. 1925. or the Rules of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio. An executed power of attorney does not confer upon a person who is not an attorney the right or ability to represent some other person in court. Nothing in this rule shall prohibit an employee or agent of a party from appearance in a civil action to provide testimony on behalf of his or her employer, regarding information within that employee's or agent's personal knowledge, regardless of the presence or absence of the party.