Rules of Court

These Local Rules of Court are being promulgated pursuant to Rule 18 of the Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence for Municipal Courts and County Courts and are effective January 1, 2015. The purpose of these local rules is to supplement the procedures set out in the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, The Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Ohio Revised Code to assist counsel and parties with cases pending in the Lakewood Municipal Court.


1. Scope and Effective Date 15. Decorum at Court
2. Hours of Court Sessions 16. Case Management
3. File Management 17. Continuance of Trial or Hearing
4. Pleadings and Motions 18. Notice of Settlement
5. Signature 19. Record of Proceedings
6. Filing with the Clerk of Court 20. Video Conferences or hearing
7. Use of Electronically Produced Citations and/or tickets 21. Request for Interpreter
8. Appearance and Withdrawal of Counsel 22. Satisfaction of Judgment; Payment of Costs
9. Security for Costs 23. Proceedings in aid of Execution
10. Not Guilty Plea in Traffic or Criminal Case 24. Fees for Additional Services
11. Leave to Move or Plead 25. Court Employees
12. Hearings and Submission of Motions; Objections to Discovery 26. Pretrial Diversion Program
13. Trial Briefs 27. Media
14. Assignment of Cases 28. Jury Management Standards


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